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Monday, 13 August, 2007

Friday, 10 August, 2007


One of the uninhabited islands in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep meaning 'A Hundred Thousand Islands' is an archipelago consisting of 36 islands, 12 atolls, 3 reefs and 5 submerged banks in the Arabian Sea.

NASA Satellite shot of the Lakshadweep islands

The islands look like emeralds in the vast expanse of blue sea. Varying hues of turquoise blue translucent water surround them.

Monday, 6 August, 2007

Indian Independence

Flag of India

India's Independence Day is August 15th each year. At midnight, on 15 August 1947, India became an independent nation.

Read about the Indian Independence Movement.

Wednesday, 1 August, 2007

Ramayana रामायण

Lord Rama (center) with wife Sita (to his left), brother Lakshmana (to his right) and devotee Hanuman.
Ramayana is an ancient Sanskrit epic attributed to the poet Valmiki

In his Ramayana, Valmiki expresses his view of human code of conduct through Rama: life is evanescent and the hedonistic approach to it is meaningless. However, that should not allow one to be indifferent to one's own rights and duties laid down in the ancient texts. He thus adopts the view that Dharma is what is proclaimed in the Veda and it should be followed for its own sake, not for what it brings you in pain or pleasure. Doing this will ensure one's welfare in this and the next world. In addition, Ramayana also reinforces the need for thinking about the consequences before making promises, for if you make them you must keep them, no matter how hard it may be.